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C Programming


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90 Hrs

Operating knowledge of Computers

‘C Programing’ is specially designed for freshers who are aspiring careers in the field of Information Technology. The syllabus of this Programing is designed by industry experts by keeping eye on actual industry requirements. Our major focus is on clearing concepts and giving hands-on practical knowledge. So that, our students can strongly step-in into IT industry.

  • Learning C Language
  • Logic Building, Foundation building for Programming,
  • Understanding programming concepts
  • Creating Programmes using C
  • Graduation Curriculum aligned Course and more details
  • Building strong foundation for facing technical interview / test on C

  • Introduction to C Language
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Keywords, Data Types, Expressions, Tokens
  • Control Statements – Selection, Interactive
  • Functions
  • Pointers
  • Pre-processor Directives
  • Storage Classes
  • Arrays – 1D, 2D
  • Strings
  • Searching & Sorting Techniques
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Structure and Union
  • File Handling and IO Management
  • Linked List
  • Introduction to OOPs


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