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90 Hrs

  • BE / MCA / MCM / MSC (IT) / MBA (IT) / BCA / BCS
  • Knowledge of C Language / Programming Knowledge

‘C # Programming’ is specially designed for freshers who are aspiring careers in the field of Information Technology. The syllabus of this Programing is designed by industry experts by keeping eye on actual industry requirements. Our major focus is on clearing concepts and giving hands-on practical knowledge along with Global Certification Knowledge; so that, our students can strongly step-in into IT industry.

Introduction to .NET Framework

  • Overview of .NET and .NET Framework
  • .NET Framework Architecture
  • Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
  • Understanding CLR and Execution of .NET Application

C# Basics

  • Conceptual Overview of C#.Net
  • What is Visual Studio?
  • C# Programming Language Features
  • General Structure of a C# Program
  • Modifiers (Access Modifiers)
  • Variables, Constants, Enum and Operators
  • Casting and Type Conversion
  • Boxing and Unboxing
  • Selection Statements: If-else, Switch
  • Looping Statement: While, Do, For, ForEach

Arrays and Collection

  • Declaring, Initializing, Accessing Arrays
  • Types of Array: Single Dimensional, Multi-Dimensional, Jagged Arrays
  • Non-Generic Collection
  • Generic Collection

Object Oriented Features

  • Features of OOP’S
  • Classes & Objects
  • Constructor, Destructor, Properties
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Method Overloading, Method Overriding
  • Encapsulation
  • Partial Class, Sealed Class
  • Working with “static” Members
  • Difference between classes and Structures

Interface and Abstract classes

  • Interfaces
  • Abstract Class
  • Difference between Interface & Abstract Class
  • Assembly: Types of Assemblies and its components

Exception Handling

  • Try…Catch…Finally keywords
  • Using Single, Multiple Catch Block
  • Using Custom Exception

Delegates & Event Handling

  • Single Cast and Multi Cast Delegate
  • Event Delegate

Single and Multithreaded Applications

  • Application Domains
  • Creating and Managing Threads
  • Threads Features
  • Thread Synchronization

File I/O & Stream Classes

  • Working with File System
  • Streaming

Windows Programming

  • Overview of Windows Forms & Controls
  • Common Controls
  • Other controls like Dialog boxes, Menustrip
  • Data Controls like Combobox, List, DataGrid

Basics of SQL Server

  • Overview of Relational Database Concepts
  • Creating Database and tables
  • Selecting Column Data From a Table
  • Manipulating Table Data Using SQL’s Data Manipulation Language (DML)

Data Access using ADO.NET

  • ADO.NET Overview
  • Architecture of ADO.NET
  • Connected, Disconnected Environment
  • SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SQLDataReader, SqlDataAdapter class
  • DataSet class

XML using .NET

  • Introduction , XML-DOM
  • XMLDocument, XMLElement, XMLAttribute
  • XML TextReader / XML TextWriter
  • XPath


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